My name is Candace, and I am the owner of Lizzie Lane Candles. I took a candle making class in Nashville, TN, in 2005. I have been hooked on candle making since then. It is a passion of mine and is relaxing to me.

I named the business Lizzie Lane Candles in honor of my late grandmother who went by the name of Lizzie. She was born in 1903 and was a farm wife. Her lifestyle was so very different from life today. To my knowledge she never flew on an airplane, never saw a computer, never owned a cell phone. She and my grandfather worked hard on their farm everyday. They grew their own vegetables and had an impressive orchard. My grandmother canned and froze the harvest. She was an exceptional cook, and their home was always open to anyone who stopped by. Many were smart enough to stop by around meal times, and of course they left well-fed.

I collect images that remind me of Grandma Lizzie’s lifestyle and they can be seen at Take a minute to savor these beautiful photos. Thank you all!

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