Love's Spell 16 oz. Mason Jar Candle

Love's Spell Scented16 oz. Jar Candle
Love's Spell Scented16 oz. Jar Candle
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Product Description

This candle fragrence is a sweet bouquet of mandarin orange, bergamot, and tangerine enhanced by hints of fresh peaches, strawberries, and raspberries on an undertone of white musk. It is similar to VS Love Spell and is a best seller!

This is a handmade, hand poured vegetable wax candle. It is poured in a 7 ounce tureen style jar. I personally make all my candles, and I have nearly 50 scents I currently make. Please check out other candles in my shop (adding many more very soon) to see the other selections. I use zinc core wicks in all my jar candles.

Each candle comes with a warning label on the bottom. These candles burn longest and burn best when the wick is trimmed approximately 1/4" before each time you light it. If you have a tall, skinny flame or have black accumulate on the end of the wick, it is just that the wick is too long. Blow it out, trim the wick and re-light it. The candle will last approximately 60 hours if the wick is kept trimmed before each use.

Another helpful tip for all candles, not just these...the first time you light the candle let it burn long enough that the wax creates a wide "pool" of melted wax. If the candle is 2" in diameter you should let the candle burn the first time for at least 2 hours. If it is 3" in diameter the first burn should be 3 hours. That way will allow you to get the maximum use out of the candle.

And finally...ENJOY it! I love making these and hope you will enjoy burning them as much as I like making them!